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About Emma, the free, friendly classified marketplace linked to Facebook

Emma users talk about their use of the app. Emma (http://www.emma.com) is a free, friendly classifieds marketplace app linked to Facebook. Emma goes beyond the traditional classifieds concept of buying and selling products and services. It provides a secure and targeted marketplace for social interactions. Whether you’re searching for a date, looking for a job …

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Ride the Major Technology Waves

Big data analytics, mobile computing, cloud services, and social networking are dominant forces on all technology industries today. Track the explosive growth of these major changes throughout the world and learn how you can ride these waves to make better business decisions every day with MicroStrategy. Learn more at http://www.microstrategy.com http://www.microstrategy.com http://www.twitter.com/microstrategy http://www.facebook.com/microstrategy Category: Science …

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Usher™ – The Coolest Way to Manage Facebook Events

Usher, a free, "friendly" event management app linked to Facebook Events, is now available worldwide for the iPhone on the Apple iTunes App Store. Usher allows you to easily manage an event from beginning to end with seamless integration with Facebook Events. You can download the app from http://www.usher.com. Please also see the Host’s perspective …

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