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Visual Insight – MicroStrategy World 2012 General Session

A presentation and demo of MicroStrategy Visual Insight, a product that enables faster data visualizations, quick business insights, and intelligent decision making. Presented by Brian Brinkmann, Senior Director, MicroStrategy Product Marketing, and Eric de Roos, Senior Director, MicroStrategy Product Management, at MicroStrategy World 2012, which took place in Miami, FL from January 23-26, 2012. http://www.microstrategy.com/Visual-Insight/ …

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MicroStrategy Mobile for iPad – Retail Management App

View this demo of a retail analytics merchandise manager app on the iPad, which lets decisionmakers assess all of the key metrics needed to see the trends in their business. Powered by MicroStrategy Mobile for iPad, this sample app is intuitive, powerful and layered with rich retailing information. Try it for yourself with a free …

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MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone – Order Management App

The Order Management App designed for the iPhone with MicroStrategy Mobile enables merchandise managers to monitor sales, track product performance, make decisions on inventory, and more. View sales figures and on top and bottom performing products so you can modify inventory orders to manage your stock. MicroStrategy Mobile’s sophisticated analytics let you make better business …

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