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Introduction to Data Discovery and Visualization

Create your own dashboards in less than ten minutes and without any help from IT. The dashboards can feature a wide range of compelling data visualizations including tables, charts, and maps for quick and easy data analysis. Go from data to insight in minutes with MicroStrategy Visual Insight, the data discovery and visualization engine of …

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Apple Premium Resellers Use Intelligence Dashboards on iPad

Apple Premium Resellers use MicroStrategy Intelligence Dashboards on the iPad. See how these retail stores use our mobile platform to design beautiful, data-rich dashboards. See why MicroStrategy is the vendor of choice for Apple Premium Resellers. http://www.microstrategy.com http://www.twitter.com/microstrategy http://www.facebook.com/microstrategy Category: Science & TechnologyUploaded by: MicroStrategyBIHosted: youtube

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MicroStrategy Mobile for iPhone – Casino Management App

MicroStrategy Mobile is the most intuitive way to access your business data. This demo of a casino management app for the iPhone shows how BI users at all levels can easily see an overview of their KPIs and revenues, then drill down into in-depth views to determine top performers. There are a number of other …

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